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Review by David de Los Angeles of Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association Tijuana Dentists

Just what the doctor ordered – a source for the best dentists in Tijuana. Assistance by the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association is without cost for Mexico dental cost estimates, cv’s, referrals and appointment setting. The key to getting perfect dental work in Mexico is to avoid general dentists and go for the board certified dentist who has the advanced training in the procedures you need.  Understand – most dentists in Mexico are only general dentists – less than 15% are certified for advanced dental procedures according to the Mexican dental association. Yet they ALL want to do your crowns, dental makeovers and dental implants. Scared yet? You should be.


Find a board certified dentist in Tijuana, Cancun, PV or Cabo at www.aboutmexicandentists.com

Find a board certified dentist in Tijuana at the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association

What dentist in Tijuana, Cabo or Puerto Vallarta to choose becomes easy when you begin your dental travel planning using the patient adviser services of the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association. Health authorities on BOTH sides of the border will tell you that ANY Board Certified Dentist will give you the superior dentistry you are looking for so get one and worry no more.

Dental Costs in Mexico – are generally 50-75% less than in the USA and Canada including Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association members in Tijuana, Puerto Vallarta, Los Algodones, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Cancun and Los Cabos,  Cabo San Lucas.

A little known fact is that a board certified Tijuana dentist COSTS THE SAME as a less-trained or qualified general dentist in Mexico. With a certified dentist you will experience high-quality dentistry by a dentist who has had an additional 2-6 years of formal specialist training. Just what you need for your crown, root canal, cosmetic dental makeover or dental implant in Mexico to come out perfect.

A Board Certified Mexico Dentist is recommended by the Mexican AND American Dental associations for providing patients with the best results, comfort and safety when having advanced dental procedures.

What clinic or dentist in Tijuana, Cabo or Puerto Vallarta you choose doesn’t matter so much as whether the dentist is fully trained and certified for the procedures you wish to have.  The Association has patient advisers available to assist you select the right dentist certified for your specific requirements without cost.

General dentists in Mexico are only trained in dental school in basic dentistry. Cleaning, drilling, filling and pulling teeth. Dental Specialist schools exist in the US and Mexico to teach advanced dental procedures such as root canal therapy, crowns, veneers, TMJ, oral surgery, orthodontics (braces), pediatric (children’s), dental implants and more. There are no shortcuts to learning advanced dentistry such as dental implants – which is in reality oral surgery.

Dental implant model

You can get high-quality branded dental implants in Tijuana for half the cost up norte’

General dentists in Tijuana and throughout Mexico are legally permitted to attempt advanced dentistry on patients – learning by trial and error at the patient’s expense.  Be safe, and insist on a fully qualified certified dentist who has proper training for your dentistry in Mexico. Remember – a board certified Tijuana dentist costs the same as a less-trained general dentist.

CONTACT The Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association to know where to find a certified dentist in Tijuana, Cabo, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara or other major cities in Mexico. Their patient advisers are more than happy to assist you with Mexico dental prices, dentist reviews, cv’s, referrals and appointment setting.

San Diego writer David de Los Angeles – is  an advocate of Mexican dental vacations for large treatments patients as a good partial solution to America’s dental health care crisis. Url: http://www.angelswrote.wordpress.com

Note from the author: You may already know that dentists in Mexico are at least half the cost of dentists in the USA – but did you know that dentists in Manila, Hong Kong  and Bangkok are even less costly than Mexico? Find out more at the Board Certified Asia Dental Association.

Read – DENTAL TOURISM NEWS CO  for the best places for dental tourism, dental tourism prices, certified dentists in Mexico and Asia and more by CNN, Fox News, TIME, NPR, UK Daily News, Los Angeles Times, health care and travel writers.


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Board Certified Asia Dental Assocation

ASIA DENTAL HOLIDAYS – Find a Certified Bangkok, Manila Dentist for Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants & Savings

A Certified Tijuana Dentist  will have the latest dental equipment

The Board Certified Dental Association has excellent dentists in Bangkok, Manila, Hong Kong and other cities in Asia who offer surperior dentistry for the price of a general dentist.


DENTAL HOLIDAYS GUIDE By the Board Certified Asia Dental Association Features Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila Dentists Accredited for dental implants, dental makeover, cosmetic dentistry, oral restoration, oral surgery, orthodontics and more –

By David de Los Angeles


If you are considering a dental holiday in Asia I recommend you select a Board Certified dentist in Asia  – not a general dentist who is not accredited for the advanced dental procedures most  dental holiday patients require such as dental implants, crown, veneers, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery etc.

Board Certified Dentists in Asia have the years of additional formal training required for the advanced dental procedures most dental tourist patients need.

Think about it – Certified dentists love their work so much, many go on for more years in specialists college to get certified in several fields. And it’s not for the money – as  certified dentists and general dentists charge about the same prices. General dentists with their basic dental schooling are trained in drilling, filling and pulling teeth. Not implants, periodontics, root canal therapy or oral surgery. Don’t be confused if they call themselves ‘specialists’ – they’re not.

Dental tourism experts advise that the Asia dental tourist need be aware that only Board Certification of a dental professional will ensure that your Bangkok or Manila dentist is fully trained for the complicated procedures you need to have done.  Unfortunately, in many developing countries, general dentists are permitted to learn  advanced dentistry the old-fashioned way – by trial and error on their patients.

Why make yourself suffer? See a certified dentist in Asia. They cost the same as a less-qualified general dentists anyway.

Dr. Sandra Janla, President of the Board Certified Asia Dental Association in Thailand says that many patients visit a Bangkok dentist for expensive dentistry such as a root canal, crown or dental implant.  Unfortunately many end up in a general dentist’s chair who never attended a Thai dental specialist college and is completely un-certified to do the work. Worse, the general dentist charges the same and sometimes even more than a certified Bangkok dentist.

Bangkok is a top Asia dental tourism destination says Dr. Janla, with dental tourists visiting from all over Asia and beyond.  She notes many Westerners prefer Manila as American English is the national language of the Philippines so you don’t have to know how to say “ouch” in Mandarin, Thai or Malay.


ASIA DENTAL HOLIDAYS –  Patient Services by Board Certified Asia Dental Association:

  • Professional  Asia dental patient advisers.
  • Free estimates, Referral, Appointments with Certified Dentists in Asia
  • Asia Dental Holiday information.
  • Board Certified Bangkok, HK, Seoul, Jakarta, India, and Philippine dentists in Manila.

A  Board Certified Dentist in Asia will make your dentistry right and right the first time. And for the same price as a less-qualified general dentist.  You will save substantially vs. the cost of having the work done in the West (up to 75% in many cases).  And the dental vacation part is priceless!

Visit the Board Certified Asia Dentist Association for dentists in Asia.

Visit Dental Tourism News Co for the latest dental travel news from CNN, UPI, TIME, Fox News, NPR, NY Times, health care and travel writers. Find the best places for dental tourism, best certified dentists, Free dental tourism costs and more.



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Dallas Dentist, Dallas Dental Implant Patients Find Low Cost Dentistry in Mexico

A Dallas Dentist is Expensive for Cosmetic Dentistry. A Board Certified Mexico Dentist is Affordable and the  Mexican Dental Vacation Part is Priceless.


Cabo Westin Regina – Cabo Dental Vacation                   Board Certified Mexico Dental Association 



You can enjoy a Mexican Dental Vacation and see an affordable Board Certified Mexico Dentist in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun or San Diego \ Tijuana. You can save enough on a cosmetic dental makeover to buy a small car.

A Dallas dental implant specialist or cosmetic dentist will do good work.  A Dallas dentist specialist is the one to see if you need a dental makeover, crown, veneer, dental implant or mini implant secured denture in the Dallas area.  If you can afford one.

If your Dallas dentist is over the top for your budget, the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association recommends you take a Mexican dental vacation and visit a certified Mexico dentist.  But be sure to see a certified dentist in Mexico for your important treatments – not a less-trained general dentist.

AMD photo lady dentist brazil

A Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association member will have the skills you are looking for to have your complicated dentistry performed for a fraction of the price of your Dallas dentist.  And for the same price as a less-trained general dentist in Mexico.

Like their Dallas specialist dentist counterparts – a certified dentist in Mexico has years of additional formal training and is fully qualified to perform all American Dental Association recognized dental procedures.  You’ll save 1,000’s while you are enjoying a fabulous Mexican dental vacation on a sunny beach. And the Mexican dental vacation part is priceless!

You can obtain a Free Mexico Dental  Cost Estimate and Appointment with a Member of the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association.

DENTAL TOURISM NEWS CO – Read about the best places for dental tourism, dental tourism prices, find certified dentists in Mexico and Asia and more from major media sources including CNN, Fox News, TIME, NPR, UK Daily News, Los Angeles Times and more at Dental Tourism News Co.

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