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Dentists Are Dancing in the Streets Over Obama Care

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About Mexican Dentists .com has associate certified dentists and staff in the USA, Latin American and Asia to better serve patients having large treatments such as dental implants, oral surgery and cosmetic dental makeovers.

The Board Certified Dentist Association has certified dentists and staff in  Mexico and Asia to better serve patients having large treatments such as dental implants, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

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From Mexico To Manila Dentists Are Dancing In The Streets Over Obama Care

By David de Los Angeles


The Obama Health Care Plan does not make dental care more affordable for the average person in America. A dental crown is still going to cost as much as a first-class plane ticket to Paris. Not much has been said in the press about this. So it’s business as usual for American dentists.

The Obama dental health plan calls for millions of dollars in fluoridation, oral hygiene education  and federal subsidies for dental ed.  still, millions of uninsured AND insured Americans will be unable to afford costly dental treatments such as root canals, crowns, veneers, implants, cosmetic dental makeovers etc. And their teeth will continue to fall out.

Insurance plans generally pay for one crown or root canal annually. What do you do if you are 55 years old and need 10 or 20 crowns? Crowns and root canals run $400-500usd in Mexico and Manila versus $800-3,000 (at upscale clinics) in the US.

In Canada and the US, patients needing a  new set of crowns including some root canals, and an implant or two, can spend upwards of $50-$75,000.  If they have the money. And most don’t, not in these economic times. In Mexico or Manila the cost is around $15-20,000 for a cosmetic dental makeover with the dentist ordering the same materials from the same catalogues American dentists order from.

Many dental tourism patients visit Manila, Cabo or Puerto Vallarta dentists to save on crowns by having a dental vacation at the same time. If your treatment involves major work such as a complete dental makeover some clinics even pay airfare.  Why Manila? 100% English speaking dentists, the most American culture outside of the US. and prices even less than Mexico. Manila is hot for major dental work for those having 1-2 weeks available for a dental vacation.

Philippine and Mexican dental tourism clinics have seen a surge in big treatment patients since the economic crisis began as prices for dental care in Asia and Mexico are substantially less than in the USA. ”We are seeing patients who just have their implant bases put in and cannot afford the crowns to complete their treatments by their American dentist back home,” says About Mexican Dentists .com’s Puerto Vallarta certified dentist Dra. Terre Valle “Now, they come to Cabo to complete the work and have a Mexican dental vacation at the same time.” 

American dentists are closing clinics… American dentists are closing clinics for lack of patients as Americans cut back on expenses while Mexican dentists and tourism industry executives are seeing dental tourism as a new facet of Mexico’s tourism industry. Antonio Duran, marketing manager for the Wyndham Tesoro Resort in Cabo says they are trying to find more niche markets like the dental tourism. “We especially appreciate dental tourists as they stay in our hotel 1 to 2 weeks versus only 3.5 days for the average tourist.”

Visit a board certified dentist in Mexico or Manila for safe, expert dentistry at the same cost of a less-trained general dentist.  And don’t forget your passport, swimsuit and sun bloc. 

For Mexico dental vacation information go to: www.aboutmexicandentists.com

For Asia dental holidays visit the Board Certified Asia Dental Association


David de Los Angeles writes about dental tourism 


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A Tijuana Dentist Can Save You a Fortune

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YOU CAN SAVE A SMALL FORTUNE WITH A CERTIFIED TIJUANA DENTIST – And get the finest dentistry in Mexico for your money.

By David de Los Angeles,  Tijuana Dental Trip Adviser


Tijuana dentists just across the border from San Diego are the most popular Mexico dental travel destination for American dental patients. Every year thousands of Americans find affordable dentistry in Tijuana and collectively save millions of dollars on their dental care.

A Mexican dental vacation is a relatively new phenomenon and generally refers to people combining a holiday with a visit to a Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or Cabo dentist.

A Tijuana dental vacation may not be everyone’s idea of a vacation. However San Diego – one of the prime vacation destinations in North America is just 15 minutes up the IV-5 freeway from some very affordableBoard Certified Tijuana dentists who can save you 1,000’s on your major dental care from crowns and cosmetic dentistry to a dental implant in Mexico.

American dental patient visits to Tijuana dentists have increased dramatically during these difficult economic times. And many dental tourists come from beyond just Southern California to visit a Tijuana dentist forlow-cost dentistry. Many fly in to San Diego from all over the USA and Canada.They enjoy exploring Mexico and attractions in Southern California between their Tijuana dentist appointments.

Tijuana dental patients can visit Southern California famed attractions from San Diego’s Sea World and Zoo to Legoland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, Hollywood and Universal City within an easy drive. Patients can surf, fish for big game, snow ski, golf in Palm Springs or even visit Las Vegas between theirvisits to their Tijuana dentist.

A true Mexican dental vacation generally involves US and Canadian patients vacationing in prime Mexicanbeach resort towns while visitinga Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or Cabo dentist.

These Mexican dental vacation destinations feature glorious beaches, fabulous resorts, exciting tourist activities and receive over 2 million tourists a year each. But more patients visit Tijuana dentists than visitall three Mexican dental vacation resort towns combined.

This Tijuana dental trip adviser recommends:

A Mexican dental vacation makes even more economic sense for many out-of-Southern California patients when the Mexico dentist pays the large treatment patient’s airfare. Airfare comps can run from $300 to as much as $1,000usd and are routinely credited to large treatment patients by Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association members.

A Certified Tijuana Dentist COSTS THE SAME as a less-trained General Dentist in Tijuana

With that in mind, the decision on what clinic or Tijuana dentist to choose for your Tijuana dental work becomes easy if you consult with the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association first.

They will assist you in selecting  the right certified dentist for your important dentistry such as root canal therapy, crowns, cosmetic dental makeovers, oral surgery, periodontistry, pediatric, TMJ treatments or dental implants.Many of their members are experts in multiple fields saving you money AND down time waiting for appointments with other specialists.

What clinic in Tijuana is best for your root canal, crown, veneer, cosmetic dentistry or dental implant in Mexico?

There are over 3,000 dentists in Tijuana; the vast majority are general dentists un-certified for advanced dental procedures such as a root canal, dental crown, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Mexico that most American patients are seeking. Both the American and Mexican dental associations advise that for the patient’s comfort, safety and for the best results to use the services of a board certified dentist when having advanced dentistry in Mexico.

And remember – Certified dentists in Mexico COST THE SAME as un-qualified general dentists in Mexico.

Its not so much what clinic you choose – so long as the Mexico dentist is fully trained and certified for the type of procedures you need.

I’ll put it one more way – you don’t want your family doctor doing your kidney or heart op anymore than you want your family (or Tijuana) general dentist doing your cosmetic dentistry or dental implant. All require a specialist’s training for the best results despite what you may hear on the street.

For a Free Online Consultation for your Tijuana dental work, visit www.mexicodentist-boardcertified.org

San Diego writer David de Los Angeles –is a Mexico dental trip adviser and an advocate of Mexican dental vacations as a good solution to your dental healthcare crisis.  

Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association posting by Virtual Assistant – Virtual Office .com.  Save up to 75% on your staff costs by employing a virtual assistant. Find out how at: www.virtualassistant-virtualoffice.com


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