Take a Cabo Dental Vacation For Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry and Save!

A Seattle dentist is great for cosmetic dentistry, but a Board Certified Cabo dentist is great too. And affordable. And the Cabo dental vacation part is priceless! 




For superior dentistry in Mexico - insist on a Board Certified Mexico Dentist - They cost the same as less - trained general dentists in Mexico. Visit: www.mexicodentist-boardcertified.org
For superior dentistry in Mexico – insist on a Board Certified Mexico Dentist


If Your American Dentist is Too Costly for Your Cosmetic Dentistry, A Board Certified Mexico Dentist will save you 1,000’s on your major dentistry. And the Cabo Dental Vacation Part is Priceless –


An L.A. or SEATTLE DENTIST IS GREAT FOR A DENTAL IMPLANT or cosmetic dental makeover. A certified dentist in Mexico is great too, and a fraction of the price.


A Seattle cosmetic dentist will do fine work.  And your US dentist specialist is the one to see if you need a dental makeover, crown, veneer, dental implant or mini implant secured denture.  If you can afford to see one.

If you find your dentist back home over the top for your budget, the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association suggests taking a Mexican dental vacation and seeing a certified Mexico dentist. But be sure to see a certified dentist in Mexico for your important treatments – not a less-trained general dentist.

A Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association member will have the skills you are looking for to have your complicated dentistry performed for a fraction of the price of your Seattle dentist.

Like their NYC or Seattle dentist counterparts – a certified dentist in Mexico has years of additional formal training and is fully qualified to perform all American Dental Association recognized dental procedures.  You’ll save 1,000’s while you are enjoying a fabulous Cabo dental vacation on a sunny beach.

Take a Mexican Dental Vacation - Visit Mexicodentist-boardcertified.org to find a Cabo dentist

Take a Mexican Dental Vacation – Visit the Board Certified Mexico Dentist website  to find a Cabo dentist certified for  advanced dentistry.

You can get a Free Consultation, Cost Estimate and Appointment with a Board Certified Dentist in Cabo San Lucas by visiting the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association.

Read about the best places for dental tourism, dental tourism prices, find certified dentists in Mexico and Asia and more from major media sources including CNN, Fox News, TIME, NPR, UK Daily News, Los Angeles Times and more at Dental Tourism News Co.




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Asia Dental Holidays – New Alternative to Mexico Dental Tourism

A Manila dentist can be half the cost of a Cabo dentist!

For decades Americans and Canadians have been heading south of the US border to Tijuana, Los Algodones and Juarez dental clinics. With the advent of the beach resort towns of Cabo and Puerto Vallarta many have opted to take a Mexican dental vacation for saving money on their major dental treatments such as crowns, cosmetic dentistry, oral restorations and dental implants.



Certified Cabo dentists and Manila dentists have top facilities


Dental prices in Manila can be half that of Mexico and a mere fraction of the cost of American dentists for the same treatments with the Asian dentists using dental equipment and materials ordered from the same international suppliers as would a Dallas Texas or Cabo dentist. One can find  quality German Seimans dental chairs in Germany, the USA, Mexico AND in Manila dental clinics.

But note the huge variance in consumer dental prices: Take for instance dental cleanings. In the US – a cleaning will run $100usd to $200us versus. $35 to $75 in a Cabo dental clinic versus $25 – $35 with a Manila dentist. A crown in the USA will cost from $800 to $3,000. A Cabo dentist – $400 – $600 and only $275-350 with a Manila dentist. If you are having a dental makeover involving 27 teeth – the difference in prices can add up to thousands of dollars quickly.

Manila dental clinics are the among the top dental vacation destinations in Asia for Australians, Brits, Americans and Canadians and due to the Philippines being the only country in Asia where English is the national language with the culture as a whole being favorably predisposed towards Americans in particular, and all things American in general. In other words – Westerners will feel right at home there as opposed to Cambodia, Indonesia or Vietnam.



You can visit a Manila dentist and tour 400 yr. old Spanish cathedrals-

Indeed, if you were searching for a dental vacation destination that offered international cuisine including Asian, Continental, American and Mexican, tropical beaches (7,107 islands), Spanish cathedrals as grand as any in Madrid and a people recently noted in one recent Yahoo survey as the most polite on the planet (the French being the rudest – but we all knew that) – you’ll soon discover that “It’s More Fun in The Philippines.”

Manila dental clinics are fast becoming the number one Asian dental vacation destination just the Philippines recently displaced India as the number one Call Center business location in the world. Perfect American English and a well-educated populace are the major factors.

For the American and Canadian dental tourist who wants explore a bit of Asia without being overwhelmed by culture shock, a Manila dental clinic should be on one’s short list. You’ll find the largest malls in Asia, art museums, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic architecture, bustling business and entertainment districts and spectacular sunsets over Manila Bay where the US Navy commanded by Admiral Dewey sank the Spanish fleet over 100 years ago.

Boracay Island – a short island hop away from Manila was recently lauded for having the most beautiful beach in the world by Travel and Leisure magazine. And Boracay rum is rated smoother and finer than Bacardi having bested the Havana/Mexican rum in many international competitions.




In the Philippines you’ll find volcanoes, underground river tours, incredible fishing, diving, flora and fauna including the world’s largest crocodile @ 7 meters and conversely the world’s smallest primate species. Best of all – a cosmetic dental makeover in Manila will cost half of what it would with a Cabo dentist who already is half of what it costs in the USA.

Manila dental prices are as much as 50% less than Mexico with dentists using the same equipment and materials. The reason being that rents and dental clinic staff costs in Manila are considerably less than both the US and Mexico.

If the time necessary to travel to Asia (approx. 11 hrs. flight time) doesn’t fit your plans, and you want to consider a Mexican Dental Vacation then consider the Board Certified Mexico Dental Association and  About Mexican Dentists .com – a site owned by a US dentist who sends patients on dental vacations to Mexican beach resort towns.

Both websites feature certified dentists who are accredited for most of the types of advanced dental procedures dental tourist patients are seeking to save on such as cosmetic dentistry, crowns, oral surgery and dental implants. And Mexican dentist prices though more than a Manila dentist would quote – are still nearly half that of the US and Canada.


For Asia dentists:  The Board Certified Asia Dental Association

Be sure to read Dental Tourism News Co  for the best places for dental tourism, dental tourism prices, certified dentists in Mexico and Asia from CNN, Fox News, TIME, NPR, UK Daily News, Los Angeles Times, health care and travel writers.

For Certified dentists in Mexico: http://aboutmexicandentists.com

And: The Board Certified Mexican Dentist Org


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What do you think of dental vacations as a partial  solution to the high cost of dentistry in developed nations? Share your experiences or thoughts on this with your comments below. – DLA

Obama Dental Care - www.freenewsrelease.us

Dentists Are Dancing in the Streets Over Obama Care

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About Mexican Dentists .com has associate certified dentists and staff in the USA, Latin American and Asia to better serve patients having large treatments such as dental implants, oral surgery and cosmetic dental makeovers.

The Board Certified Dentist Association has certified dentists and staff in  Mexico and Asia to better serve patients having large treatments such as dental implants, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

ANYWHERE United States of America (Free-Press-Release.com) Updated June 1, 2014

From Mexico To Manila Dentists Are Dancing In The Streets Over Obama Care

By David de Los Angeles


The Obama Health Care Plan does not make dental care more affordable for the average person in America. A dental crown is still going to cost as much as a first-class plane ticket to Paris. Not much has been said in the press about this. So it’s business as usual for American dentists.

The Obama dental health plan calls for millions of dollars in fluoridation, oral hygiene education  and federal subsidies for dental ed.  still, millions of uninsured AND insured Americans will be unable to afford costly dental treatments such as root canals, crowns, veneers, implants, cosmetic dental makeovers etc. And their teeth will continue to fall out.

Insurance plans generally pay for one crown or root canal annually. What do you do if you are 55 years old and need 10 or 20 crowns? Crowns and root canals run $400-500usd in Mexico and Manila versus $800-3,000 (at upscale clinics) in the US.

In Canada and the US, patients needing a  new set of crowns including some root canals, and an implant or two, can spend upwards of $50-$75,000.  If they have the money. And most don’t, not in these economic times. In Mexico or Manila the cost is around $15-20,000 for a cosmetic dental makeover with the dentist ordering the same materials from the same catalogues American dentists order from.

Many dental tourism patients visit Manila, Cabo or Puerto Vallarta dentists to save on crowns by having a dental vacation at the same time. If your treatment involves major work such as a complete dental makeover some clinics even pay airfare.  Why Manila? 100% English speaking dentists, the most American culture outside of the US. and prices even less than Mexico. Manila is hot for major dental work for those having 1-2 weeks available for a dental vacation.

Philippine and Mexican dental tourism clinics have seen a surge in big treatment patients since the economic crisis began as prices for dental care in Asia and Mexico are substantially less than in the USA. ”We are seeing patients who just have their implant bases put in and cannot afford the crowns to complete their treatments by their American dentist back home,” says About Mexican Dentists .com’s Puerto Vallarta certified dentist Dra. Terre Valle “Now, they come to Cabo to complete the work and have a Mexican dental vacation at the same time.” 

American dentists are closing clinics… American dentists are closing clinics for lack of patients as Americans cut back on expenses while Mexican dentists and tourism industry executives are seeing dental tourism as a new facet of Mexico’s tourism industry. Antonio Duran, marketing manager for the Wyndham Tesoro Resort in Cabo says they are trying to find more niche markets like the dental tourism. “We especially appreciate dental tourists as they stay in our hotel 1 to 2 weeks versus only 3.5 days for the average tourist.”

Visit a board certified dentist in Mexico or Manila for safe, expert dentistry at the same cost of a less-trained general dentist.  And don’t forget your passport, swimsuit and sun bloc. 

For Mexico dental vacation information go to: www.aboutmexicandentists.com

For Asia dental holidays visit the Board Certified Asia Dental Association


David de Los Angeles writes about dental tourism 


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Alexandra Cabo Concierge, www.askalexmex.com

ALEXANDRA LOS CABOS CONCIERGE – Offers Cabo Dental Patient Advisers




Find the best certified Cabo San Lucas dentist for your crown, veneers, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants

If you are considering a Cabo cosmetic dental or surgical makeover, Alex Channing at  Alexandra Concierge should be your healthcare adviser. They work with Board Certified Los Cabos dental and medical doctor specialists only – not general dentists or general practitioners who are un-accredited for advanced medical and dental procedures.

Alex Channing Cabo Dental Patient Adviser - https://sites.google.com/site/cabodentistboardcertified/

Alex Channing Cabo Dental Patient Adviser


Alexandra Concierge advises that the Cabo dental vacation or healthcare tourist need be aware  that only Board Certification of a medical professional will ensure that your Cabo dentist or  doctor is fully trained for the complicated procedures you need to have done.

For example: Many patients visit a Cabo dentist for expensive dentistry such as a root canal,  crown or dental implant in Mexico.

Unfortunately many end up in a general dentist’s chair who never attended dental specialist  college and is completely uncertified to do the work. Worse, the general dentist charges the  same and sometimes even more than a Board Certified Cabo dentist who is a specialist.

Alexandra Concierge offers Los Cabos dental or surgical patient services:

  • Professional Los Cabos dental and medical patient advisers.
  • Cabo dental vacation, surgical  vacation doctor referrals, costs, appointments
  • Clinic appointment transportation
  • Free loaner cel phone with airtime credit.
  • Discounted Cabo resort accommodations including all inclusives, hotels.
  • Discounts on Cabo activities, dining, golf and fishing charters.
  • Personal Assistants for families, executives, celebrities, dental  and medical patients

Alexandra Concierge advises patients for patients of Alicia Cabo Dental Paradise – Dr. Raphael Ramirez  and Cabo Cosmetic Smile Clnic – Dr. Guillermo Limon

Get free consultations, estimates and appointment setting for Board Certified Cabo dentists:

1.)   Dr. Guillermo Limon – Cabo Cosmetic Smile Clinic

2.)  Dr. Raphael Ramirez – Alicia Cabo Dental Paradise


See you in Cabo!

Alex Channing 

Alex Channing patient adviser will prepare estimates direct you to the right certified Cabo Cosmetic dentist for your crown, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontist, oral surgeon, prosthdontist, maxillofacial dentist for your Cabo dental implants, mini implant, bridge. veneers and more.


DENTAL TOURISM NEWS CO.  Read about the best places for dental tourism, dental tourism prices, find certified dentists in Mexico and Asia and more from major media sources including CNN, Fox News, TIME, NPR, UK Daily News, Los Angeles Times and more.


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Free Tijuana, Cabo, Mexico Dental Prices by Certified Dentists in Mexico Assn.

See a dentist in Tijuana, or enjoy  a Mexico dental vacation in Cabo, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta and save serious money on your dentistry.

PHOTO: Tijuana at dusk – Historical and Art Museums/IMAX Theater

Certified Dentists in Tijuana Mexico - https://sites.google.com/site/boardcertifiedmexicodentistorg/

A certified dentist is Tijuana is just 20 minutes away from downtown San Diego California. Find the Best Dentist in Tijuana Mexico with the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association

Summary:  Board Certified Tijuana dentists are highly-qualified for dental implants, crowns, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery – and for the same price as general dentists. A US dentist gives Free Estimates and Referrals for Certified Dentists in Mexico –




Visit a Tijuana Dentist The Easy Way – This US Dentist Sends Patients to Certified Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and San Diego / Tijuana Dentists on Mexican Dental Vacations



The Board Certified Mexican Dentist Organization’s newest affiliate member is US East Coast dentist Dr. Nelson Henry DMD.  Dr. Henry assists many patients unable to afford the high-cost of dentistry back home so he sends large treatment patients to board certified Tijuana dentists.

Patients having extensive dentistry by a Cabos dentist, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or Tijuana dentist can even have their airfare from major cities in the US or Canada paid for by the clinics.

For superior dentistry in Mexico - insist on a Board Certified Mexico Dentist - They cost the same as less - trained general dentists in Mexico

For superior dentistry in Mexico – insist on a Board Certified Mexico Dentist – They cost the same as less – trained general dentists in Mexico.

“Board certified dentists in Mexico are fine dentists,” says Dr. Henry.   But board certification is very important to getting a qualified dentist in Tijuana for your dental work as certified dentists have many years more dental training beyond what a general dentist in Tijuana has.

The doctor adds: “You don’t want a general dentist in Tijuana who only has basic dental schooling doing your root canals, crowns, bridges, cosmetic dentistry or dental implants.

Over 85% of Tijuana dentists are only general dentists. They are not trained for these procedures in  their basic general dentist schooling. Dental specialist schools exist (in the US and Mexico) to teach these procedures.”

You can save serious money by visiting a certified Tijuana dentist.  In the US a porcelain/metal crown can cost from $800usd to $3,000 in an upscale clinic. The cost for the same crown runs about $395-500 with a certified Los Cabos or Tijuana dentist. Add another $100 for 100% porcelain crowns.

If you need a complete dental makeover of 27 teeth you might spend $50-100,000usd in the USA versus $10,000 – 25,000 with a certified Tijuana dentist or at a PV or Los Cabos dental clinic. TMJ and oral surgery patients can save $1,000’s as well.

certififed dentists in Mexico - https://sites.google.com/site/boardcertifiedmexicodentistorg/

Find a board certified dentist in Tijuana, Cancun, PV or Cabo

A Board Certified Mexico Dentist COSTS THE SAME as a General Dentist in Mexico so if you are planning seeing a dentist in Tijuana  or Cabo for your important dentistry – insist on a certified dentist doing your work.

The Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association with members in most Mexican cities and resort towns is a good place to begin planning your Mexican denture adventure (sorry for that).

The association’s English speaking staff will find the right certified dentist dentist in Tijuana, Cabo or Puerto Vallarta for you, provide you with a budget and even set your appointment at no additional cost.

Visit: The Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association

Writer David de Los Angeles – is a Mexican dental and healthcare writer and an advocate of Mexican dental vacations as a good solution to your dental healthcare crisis. 

Read – DENTAL TOURISM NEWS CO.  for the best places for dental tourism, dental tourism prices, certified dentists in Mexico and Asia from CNN, Fox News, TIME, NPR, UK Daily News, Los Angeles Times, health care and travel writers.


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