THE LAST BULLFIGHT – A Satire by Mexico Writer David de Los Angeles

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The Last Bullfight

Humor by Mexico Writer David de Los Angeles – Pub. Amazon 2012

The Last Bullfight book by David de Los Angeles

A toro escapes a bullfight, crosses the border causing an international incident between the USA and Mexico.  The citizens of each country fearing the other will kill the bull, are demanding possession. The story involves comedic scenes of the military trying to locate it, the Presidents of two countries sparing over it, bull fighting as black comedy and a lazy-assed reporter who can’t stay out of trouble.

The reader will be cheering for the bull as it gets in and out of trouble leaving chaos in its wake on both sides of the border. The Last Bullfight is available from on Kindle format.

Review of  Books The Last Bullfight and The Tequila Train                                                                                                        by Veritas Press, Mexico City DF

(Trans) The Last Bullfight – by David de Los Angeles was written from the bull’s perspective as much as the matador’s. A humorous book on the surface, it also probes deep into the passions, fears and black humor that color this ancient event that is so much a part of our Latin Culture.

The Tequila Train is a compilation of Angele’s stories recounting experiences as a travel writer including one of his most popular stories of a mad ride on the Tequila Express Train. He shares his search for a Cuban cigar that took him to Havana Cuba, tales about Mexican beer, fine Mexican wine and Damiana the liquor we Mexicans call Aztec Viagra. Prepare to be greatly entertained while being informed about these unique and wonderful treasures that await you in our magical country.


Lic. Max Sandoval y Castille

Editor Associado                                                                                                                                                                                                      Veritas Prensa, Mexico DF

Tijuana has a bullring by the sea, just steps from the Pacific Ocean and the US/Mexican border fence.

Author David de Los Angeles on the Mexican side of the US Mexico border wall near the Tijuana bullring by the sea.  This section of the border wall has over 400 wooden crosses attached to it representing Mexicans who have perished crossing the border seeking a better life.

Wedding chapel – The One and Only Palmilla, Cabo San Lucas Baja California – Photo by David de Los Angeles

This matador will never have children…

The Last Bullfight book author David de Los Angeles with a little margarita.


Bullfight | bullfighter | toro | toreodor | bullfight mexico | the last bullfight | david de los angeles | bullfighting | tijuana bullring | bullfight arena

THE TEQUILA TRAIN – An Exciting New Book by David de Los Angeles

The Tequila Train

By David de Los Angeles – Published by Amazon 2012

Mexico writer David de Los Angeles recounts an incredibly funny and true story of a ride on Guadalajara’s Tequila Express Train, plus short stories about pure Mexican beer, tequila, rum, rare Mexican wine, Damiana liquor the Aztec Viagra, and how he traveled to Cuba in his search for a real Cuban cigar.


The Tequila Express Train takes thousands of partiers annually from Guadalajara to Amatitlan for tours of local distilleries. In this true narrative, you will learn how Mexican hospitality mixed with unlimited tequila in a speeding train results in an unforgettable experience for many; while for an unfortunate few – one that they cannot even begin to remember.

Other tales explore Mexican beer, tequila – from rocket fuel to premium labels costing $1,000 of dollars a bottle. Angeles touches on Mescal, Damiana liquor – the Aztec Viagra, international award-winning wines available only in Mexico, Cuban cigars and rum. In this highly entertaining book – you will get a taste of what to drink, how to drink it and what not to drink when in Mexico.

The book The Tequila Train was published by Amazon in February 2011 and is available online in Kindle format.

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The Tequila Train book author David de Los Angeles