THE TEQUILA TRAIN – An Exciting New Book by David de Los Angeles

The Tequila Train

By David de Los Angeles – Published by Amazon 2012

Mexico writer David de Los Angeles recounts an incredibly funny and true story of a ride on Guadalajara’s Tequila Express Train, plus short stories about pure Mexican beer, tequila, rum, rare Mexican wine, Damiana liquor the Aztec Viagra, and how he traveled to Cuba in his search for a real Cuban cigar.


The Tequila Express Train takes thousands of partiers annually from Guadalajara to Amatitlan for tours of local distilleries. In this true narrative, you will learn how Mexican hospitality mixed with unlimited tequila in a speeding train results in an unforgettable experience for many; while for an unfortunate few – one that they cannot even begin to remember.

Other tales explore Mexican beer, tequila – from rocket fuel to premium labels costing $1,000 of dollars a bottle. Angeles touches on Mescal, Damiana liquor – the Aztec Viagra, international award-winning wines available only in Mexico, Cuban cigars and rum. In this highly entertaining book – you will get a taste of what to drink, how to drink it and what not to drink when in Mexico.

The book The Tequila Train was published by Amazon in February 2011 and is available online in Kindle format.

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The Tequila Train book author David de Los Angeles

Profile: DAVID de LOS ANGELES – Author, Photojournalist, Business & Travel Writer, Website Designer, Artist



Healthcare Tourism Marketing Expert,   Business & Travel Writer, Website Design, Internet Marketing, Photojournalist, Artist-           

David de Los Angeles, is an American and Mexican writer, photojournalist and artist.  Originally from Los Angeles California he has lived in both Mexico and the USA for many years – becoming a Mexican national in 2007.  He writes on a wide range of subjects including:  Business and Personality Profiles, Travel Destinations, Resorts, Hotels, Spa’s,  Health, Healthcare Tourism, Food & Wine, Fine Dining, Art, History.

De Los Angeles graduated from Los Angeles Chouinard Art Institute (CalArts) in Fine Art and Advertising followed by MBA, Architecture and Finance studies. He has had art exhibitions at museums and galleries in the USA and Mexico.

He has been a Westin Hotel Continental Chef, Building Contractor, Senior Officer at Chinese, Latin and American Banks and has written hundreds of articles for newspapers, magazines, ezines, publicity and website copy for clients. His photo-documentation of his subjects has been published in international magazines and newspapers including Knight-Ridder publications, London International News, Luxury Avenue Magazine, Mexico City Excelsior News and many others.

The Tequila Train – A new book by David de Los Angeles

Take a ride to Mexican heaven and hell and back in one  day on the Tequila Express Train with author David de Los Angeles. You will enjoy this collection of short stories highlighting the important things in life including tequila, Mexican beer, wine, Cuban cigars and Damiana Liquor – the legendary spirit known to Mexicans as Aztec Viagra.  Published by Amazon 2012.

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Take a Mexican Dental Vacation - Visit to find a Cabo dentist

Take a Mexican Dental Vacation – Visit – BCMD Assn. client of David de Los Angeles

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Pedregal’s La Capella Developer Juan Diaz, Las Mananita’s Developer Mike Schaible, Cabo Harley Davidson owner David Comartin, Surf legend Mike Doyle, Dr. Serrano Opthamologist, San Jose Del Cabo’s Padre Juvencio, Cabo Plastic Surgeon Dr. Liceaga, Puerto Vallarta Doctora Terre Valle,  Cabo Dental Specialist Dr. Rafael Cabanas y Cabanas

The Last Bullfight – by author David de Los Angeles



 A toro escapes a bullfight, crosses the border causing an international incident between the USA and Mexico.  The citizens of each country fearing the other will kill the bull, are demanding possession. The story involves comedic scenes of the military trying to locate it, the Presidents of two countries sparing over it, bull fighting as black comedy and a lazy-assed reporter who can’t stay out of trouble.

The reader will be cheering for the bull as it gets in and out of trouble leaving chaos in its wake on both sides of the border.

Published by, available on Kindle

Writing Clips-

Mexico’s Copper Canyon by Hummer for Balderrama Hotels, Sinaloa Mexico

Sinaloa Mexico – Story – Published in numerous newspapers and online.

The Aztec yellow Hummer plunged into the river torrent with the confidence of a Bradley tank, dislodging rocks and small boulders in the process.   We hardly noticed the water rushing past the doors, or the holes underwater big enough to swallow a Jeep, as we indulged in Mexican pastries and strong Chiapas coffee thoughtfully provided by the Mirador hotel’s concierge.  Let nature dare get in the way of this Eco-expedition….

Mayan Princess – Puerto Vallartya (Gayot Restaurant review)

Explore, experience and indulge in Oaxacan cuisine at Mayan Princess restaurant.  Oaxaca is Mexico’s Garden of Eden where a myriad of varieties of food crops, herbs, spices, (cocoa), wildlife and seafood abound.

Chef Juan Gonzalez lived among the areas indigenous peoples studying their food and cultures…  His rich and flavorful traditional Mole’ (mol-lay) sauces can take 2 days to prepare out of dozens of ingredients.   I tried the Mole’ Negro Artesanal served with honey baked duck.  The duck was succulent and the spicy chocolate Mole’ – thick and delicious.  In Oaxacan cooking, the sauce IS the focal point.  What’s underneath is secondary…..

Interview with Surf Legend Mike Doyle   (essay/interview – Destino Magazine)

In Mike Doyle’s autobiography ‘Morning Glass’ he tells of his first ride on a surfboard as a 13-year-old gremmie. “Tiki Mike” caught and rode the wave, then bailed into the water spread-eagled and got whacked in the nuts by the heavy mahogany board.  And he’s never stopped loving it….

….When the surf was down – creative play would often set in.  Doyle and his buds experimented – inventing surf wax in the back yard, made board shorts of boat canvas, acted in early surf movies, and designed and shaped surfboards.  Doyle invented the soft surfboard and the snowboard, both ultimately providing fun and excitement for millions.

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day by Dining on Chile en Nogata       – Rocky Mountain News

Beginning in September at dinner tables all across Mexico, people celebrate Mexico’s independence from Spain by enjoying the national dish Chile en Nogata.  This patriotic dish is true Mexican haute cuisine combining fruits, creamy salsa, pork, beef or pollo all stuffed into one colorful entrée reflecting the green, white and red colors of the flag.  Fireworks not included….

Mexican Weddings  Los Cabos Magazine

A wedding in Mexico should definitely make ones short-list for that Special Day in your life. Mexico rivals Hawaii in the number of tourist weddings performed, just behind Las Vegas… …A wedding ceremony is a highly visual affair. A ritual held among towering palms, desert fragrances and azure seas is what wedding albums are made of.  Add amenities like spa treatments, fine dining, incredible surfing, all night partying in decadent nightclubs, perfectly mixed margaritas and you’re having a wedding in paradise…

DENTAL TOURISM IN MEXICO  pub online on numerous sites

photo cancun jet skis

For decades, American seeking affordable dental care have been day tripping across the US/Mexican border.  Mexican dental training is as good as back home with Mexican dentists often using the same equipment and materials ordered from the same catalogues as their counterparts back in the USA…

Mexican surgeons, doctors and dentists have been featured on National Geographic, The Discovery Channel, ABC Good Morning America, The NBC Today Show, and in the NY Times.  Dental Vacations are simply where one enjoys a free vacation off their savings on dental work in an exotic vacation resort destination such as Cabo, Cancun, Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta…

 Mexican Rustic – Furniture Salsa  (Los Cabos Mag.)

Mexican Rustic furniture involves elements of Native Indian, Spanish Colonial, Arabic, Mexican Ranchero and sometimes – even Chinese influences.  Americans view it as Southwestern or Santa Fe style while Mexicans view it as a national style.

Mexican rustic furniture is made primarily from soft Mexican pine that grows abundantly in the Sierra Madre mountains near Durango and Chihuahua.  Tarahumara and Tepehuane Indians inhabited the land for centuries prior to the arrival of the Spanish.  After the conquest, the Spanish Crown instigated lumber and furniture production in the region utilizing indigenous Indian labor….

….Today over 500 years later, the tribes are still at work producing wood products on their reservations with demand growing due to the popularity of the furniture in the USA and at home in Mexico.

New Mall Opening Soon In San Jose…   What new mall?

(Discover Los Cabos)

Driving down the four-lane into San Jose del Cabo you pass right by it – hidden away behind Waldos, Burger King and Leys Market are twenty-five more new stores slated to open (God, hurricanes and workers willing) before year-end.

This project should get an award for being the slowest construction project on record.  For over two years the project has been stalling and crawling its way to completion.  It has survived a sale, investor finance changes, a difficult hillside building site, architectural design changes, workers lost in a Mexican time-warp, and a couple of near-misses from hurricanes…

Artwork and photography by David de Los Angeles can be purchased at: Fine Art America –

Below – Copies of original drawings (12-2012) – computer enhanced and available for purchase framed or card stock in various formats from Fine Art America.




Mexico writer David de Los Angeles accepts assignments including feature articles, art commissions, ghost writing, bios, business articles, travel and healthcare topics.

David de Los Angeles – Author, Photojournalist, Business, Travel Writer, Fine Artist