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Dentists Are Dancing in the Streets Over Obama Care

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About Mexican Dentists .com has associate certified dentists and staff in the USA, Latin American and Asia to better serve patients having large treatments such as dental implants, oral surgery and cosmetic dental makeovers.

The Board Certified Dentist Association has certified dentists and staff in  Mexico and Asia to better serve patients having large treatments such as dental implants, oral surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

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From Mexico To Manila Dentists Are Dancing In The Streets Over Obama Care

By David de Los Angeles


The Obama Health Care Plan does not make dental care more affordable for the average person in America. A dental crown is still going to cost as much as a first-class plane ticket to Paris. Not much has been said in the press about this. So it’s business as usual for American dentists.

The Obama dental health plan calls for millions of dollars in fluoridation, oral hygiene education  and federal subsidies for dental ed.  still, millions of uninsured AND insured Americans will be unable to afford costly dental treatments such as root canals, crowns, veneers, implants, cosmetic dental makeovers etc. And their teeth will continue to fall out.

Insurance plans generally pay for one crown or root canal annually. What do you do if you are 55 years old and need 10 or 20 crowns? Crowns and root canals run $400-500usd in Mexico and Manila versus $800-3,000 (at upscale clinics) in the US.

In Canada and the US, patients needing a  new set of crowns including some root canals, and an implant or two, can spend upwards of $50-$75,000.  If they have the money. And most don’t, not in these economic times. In Mexico or Manila the cost is around $15-20,000 for a cosmetic dental makeover with the dentist ordering the same materials from the same catalogues American dentists order from.

Many dental tourism patients visit Manila, Cabo or Puerto Vallarta dentists to save on crowns by having a dental vacation at the same time. If your treatment involves major work such as a complete dental makeover some clinics even pay airfare.  Why Manila? 100% English speaking dentists, the most American culture outside of the US. and prices even less than Mexico. Manila is hot for major dental work for those having 1-2 weeks available for a dental vacation.

Philippine and Mexican dental tourism clinics have seen a surge in big treatment patients since the economic crisis began as prices for dental care in Asia and Mexico are substantially less than in the USA. ”We are seeing patients who just have their implant bases put in and cannot afford the crowns to complete their treatments by their American dentist back home,” says About Mexican Dentists .com’s Puerto Vallarta certified dentist Dra. Terre Valle “Now, they come to Cabo to complete the work and have a Mexican dental vacation at the same time.” 

American dentists are closing clinics… American dentists are closing clinics for lack of patients as Americans cut back on expenses while Mexican dentists and tourism industry executives are seeing dental tourism as a new facet of Mexico’s tourism industry. Antonio Duran, marketing manager for the Wyndham Tesoro Resort in Cabo says they are trying to find more niche markets like the dental tourism. “We especially appreciate dental tourists as they stay in our hotel 1 to 2 weeks versus only 3.5 days for the average tourist.”

Visit a board certified dentist in Mexico or Manila for safe, expert dentistry at the same cost of a less-trained general dentist.  And don’t forget your passport, swimsuit and sun bloc. 

For Mexico dental vacation information go to: www.aboutmexicandentists.com

For Asia dental holidays visit the Board Certified Asia Dental Association


David de Los Angeles writes about dental tourism 


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Dallas Dentist, Dallas Dental Implant Patients Find Low Cost Dentistry in Mexico

A Dallas Dentist is Expensive for Cosmetic Dentistry. A Board Certified Mexico Dentist is Affordable and the  Mexican Dental Vacation Part is Priceless.


Cabo Westin Regina – Cabo Dental Vacation                   Board Certified Mexico Dental Association 



You can enjoy a Mexican Dental Vacation and see an affordable Board Certified Mexico Dentist in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun or San Diego \ Tijuana. You can save enough on a cosmetic dental makeover to buy a small car.

A Dallas dental implant specialist or cosmetic dentist will do good work.  A Dallas dentist specialist is the one to see if you need a dental makeover, crown, veneer, dental implant or mini implant secured denture in the Dallas area.  If you can afford one.

If your Dallas dentist is over the top for your budget, the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association recommends you take a Mexican dental vacation and visit a certified Mexico dentist.  But be sure to see a certified dentist in Mexico for your important treatments – not a less-trained general dentist.

AMD photo lady dentist brazil

A Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association member will have the skills you are looking for to have your complicated dentistry performed for a fraction of the price of your Dallas dentist.  And for the same price as a less-trained general dentist in Mexico.

Like their Dallas specialist dentist counterparts – a certified dentist in Mexico has years of additional formal training and is fully qualified to perform all American Dental Association recognized dental procedures.  You’ll save 1,000’s while you are enjoying a fabulous Mexican dental vacation on a sunny beach. And the Mexican dental vacation part is priceless!

You can obtain a Free Mexico Dental  Cost Estimate and Appointment with a Member of the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association.

DENTAL TOURISM NEWS CO – Read about the best places for dental tourism, dental tourism prices, find certified dentists in Mexico and Asia and more from major media sources including CNN, Fox News, TIME, NPR, UK Daily News, Los Angeles Times and more at Dental Tourism News Co.

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How a Virtual Assistant Can Make Your Business Prosper

Here’s Some Great Things a Virtual Assistant Can Do To Make Your Business Prosper

By  David de Los Angeles for Virtual Assistant – Virtual Office.com

  1. Answer phones, screen calls, take messages, forward important calls
  2. Set appointments for patients, clients and you
  3. Follow-up on customer orders, clients, patients, collections
  4. Do accounting and bookkeeping, tax prep
  5. Do telephone sales and marketing via VOIP or Skype
  6. Do filing, payables, billing and collections
  7. Prepare sales contracts  estimates and documents
  8. Online medical assistant – transcription, reports, insurance billing
  9. HR work – Screen, interview and verify job applicants
  10. Do  internet marketing, postings, Social media, web site management
  11. Save you from 50-75% on your current staff costs

A virtual assistant will allow you more free time to do the things you enjoy and do best by doing all those “..time-sucking mundane tasks.”  -Tim Ferriss – author of the 4-Hour Work Week.



A virtual assistant will make your life easier, save your business money and help it grow.

A virtual assistant will make your life easier, save your business money and help it grow.



Virtual Assistant – Virtual Office is a premier VA company that only employs college graduates and certified professionals. 

Our VA’s are US and Phil. nationals who speak American English and work for a fraction of the cost of salaried in house staff.

We offer medical professionals including registered nurses, doctors, accountants, para-legals, techs, teachers, sales and marketing teams, techs and administrative assistants for many fields.

If you are searching for a low-cost, high-quality experienced virtual assistant – contact us to discuss how hiring a VA or having an entire VA department off-shore can help your business become more efficient and profitable.

Visit our web site:  www.virtualassistant-virtualoffice.com

Or send us an email telling us what you need. Email us at: govirtual@rocketmail.com



Tell us What you need done!



About us: Virtual Assistant-Virtual Office.com is a San Diego California USA company. Our virtual assistants are college graduates or certified professionals. We offer the finest, professional Virtual Assistants including Doctors, online nurse, Healthcare Admin, Real Estate, Law Office, Sales and Marketing staff! Contact David Mandich or David de Los Angeles in San Diego at the East County Business Center headquarters: (619) 401-4000  http://www.businesscenters.net


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Virtual Assistant, Virtual Employee, Virtual Office – Great Solutions for the New Economy

Virtual Assistants, Virtual Employees and Virtual Offices from San Diego to Manila. Here’s San Diego Office Building Guru Lee Mench’s Solutions for Business Survival in the New Economy

by David de Los Angeles

This new internet company Virtual Assistant – Virtual Office .com can lower your employee overhead substantially and make your business more efficient and profitable according to San Diego commercial building turn-around guru Lee Mench. An American, India or Philippine Virtual Assistant can make your incredibly life easier.


A USA or Philippine virtual assistant (not shown) can make a manager’s life much soooo much nicer!

Mr. Mench has been building high-rises and managing San Diego office buildings for almost 3 decades and is considered one of the country’s foremost experts on making commercial properties survive and flourish in the New Economy.

Outsourcing manufacturing off-shore by major US companies began in earnest after the opening of China and NAFTA, followed by customer service call centers going to India. The Philippines trumped India in 2011 becoming the new world leader in call centers.

In the last decade due to the economic crisis and the availability of high-speed telephone, internet and video connections, companies are cutting costs further by moving entire departments overseas from customer service to senior executives.

Australia New Zealand Bank and Wells Fargo accounted for over 24,000 jobs transferred to or created anew in Manila in just the last year.

Why the Philippines? Low rents, a highly educated population that is culturally closer to the West than any other country in Asia. And American English is the national language. Not Hindi or Paki/ English that can be challenging even for Brits to comprehend at times.

Mench has a talent for making down-and-out-high-vacancy San Diego office buildings blossom. Part of his formula is to convert the entire building into a mix of private, shared and virtual offices that generate high rent returns per square foot.

Going further, he turns buildings into campus-like environments with halls and offices filled with original art, gallery openings, business mixers and seminars. He creates a living, vibrant community of business owners comprised of lawyers, accountants, travel agents, sales reps, insurance agents, wedding planners and future .com billionaires moving out from their dorms or garages.

Now he offers not only affordable private, shared and virtual San Diego office space where you pay for what you need when you need it – but his new venture Virtual Assistant – Virtual Office .com also offers virtual employees based in the US and the Philippines.

He hires virtual assistants with college degrees ensuring the highest level of quality for his demanding clients. With a San Diego office and a Manila virtual office approximately 12 hours from the US and Canada, his American and Philippine virtual assistants can perform tasks 24/7 for clients.

A virtual assistant can do essentially anything a salaried employee can from accounting, bookkeeping and collections, to internet design, SEO, content writing, posting and overall site management.

Customer service reps of the 80’s were in reality the first virtual assistants servicing customers for companies by phone from Mombai India. Sales and marketing, real estate, law office, medical, dental, auto sales, HR and general admin are fields in which a virtual assistant can do routine work from across town or half-way around the world for much less than an in-house worker.

Lee Mench is an avid follower of the business strategies of Tim Ferriss author of the best selling book – The 4-Hour Workweek. Ferriss writes: “…hire virtual assistants who, for a fraction of the cost of a regular employee will perform all of your time-sucking tasks — be it online research or paying your bills — freeing you to pursue more significant goals.” Like expanding your business or going to Cabo San Lucas.

Author and virtual assistant David de Los Angeles has a San Diego virtual office at East County Business Center. Contact David de Los Angeles at: angelswrote@gmail.com,

Website: www.angelswrote.wordpress.com

Virtual Assistant – Vistual Office.com  contact information:

  • Virtual Assistant -Virtual Office .com, Save with US, India, Phillippine Virtual Assistants

Visit: www.virtualassistant-virtualoffice.com

Contact: Lee Mench at East County Business Center for information about Virtual Assistant – Virtual Office .com virtual employees and New Economy office building management strategies at: (619) 401-4000 (San Diego office)

Contact Lee Mench by email  at the East Country Business Center  www.eastcountybiz.com
La Mesa Business Center at: www.lamesabizcenter.com,

Mira Mar Business Center: www.miramarbizcenter.com,   bizcenters.net

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