Manila Photo Book Project


Collaborate on a new book of photos about Manila to be published and sold internationally. Photographers whose photos are selected will share in the sales.

Work with an experienced photographer and author of travel magazine and book magazines, get your work published and share in the revenues.  Photo submission deadline: Extended to May  25, 2013


Temp Cover Photo: Global City – Your cover photo submissions are most welcome-

Book working title:

Manila – Jewel of the Orient

By Photojournalist David de Los Angeles and the Philippines Best Photographers



Submit 5-10 of your very best (most popular with the public and saleable) photos for publication in a new book of photographs of Manila.

The coffee table type book of photographs is targeted for the over 2 million tourists who visit the Philippines annually and as a gift book for lovers of the Philippines.  It is expected smaller paperback versions will be published as well.

Put your photographs to work for you – earn while you sleep. Photos accepted for publication will publicize you and earn you a percentage of the book sales.


California Photojournalist David de Los Angeles on Mexican side of the US/Mexico border wall 2013

California Photojournalist David de Los Angeles on Mexican side of the US/Mexico border wall 2013



See most current updates below:

About Author/Publisher David de Los Angeles has had 100’s of articles and photos published in international travel magazines, newspapers and online Ezines. This will be his 3rd book published. It is expected to be distributed by Amazon online, and made available to airport bookstores, hotels, general bookstores, department stores,  and tourist shops everywhere.

Please send info regarding time and place of the photo and any special notes regarding the subject and 4 lines about yourself with your Contact Info if you wish to be contacted by the public.  If your work is accepted you will receive a photo release request and Agreement re your % of sales proceeds. The author will add copy and do the page layouts for publication.

Guidelines:  This is to be a positive, upbeat book showcasing Manila – not glorifying but highlighting the city’s most attractive and interesting sights. Global City streets and high rises, Intramuros, Old Manila, The Fort, Greenbelt, artists, lovers, children, musicians, construction workers, security guards, office workers, churches, jeepneys, trikes, waterfront, fish market, art museums, flower mart, wet and dry mercados, nature, upscale restaurants, canteens, entertainment venues, casinos, horse racing, the port, upscale mall, LRT, Manila sunset, luxury condos, the Presidential Palace, vintage buildings, celebs, new workers housing, portraits etc. – all portrayed in your most creative, romantic, memorable, striking, original way.

Please downplay any negatives i.e. squatters, beggars, garbage etc – all of which can be found in virtually any city. Remember – this is a book to showcase Manila not a book for pointing out issues and problems – negative thoughts (and images) don’t sell.  This is to be a positive book to show others something besides the usual images found in the media – i.e guns, floods, ferry sinkings, political violence and poverty. Manila has a bright side, and a bright future, and this book is designed to reflect this idea.  Remember: Photo submission deadline: Extended to May 25, 2013

I look forward to hearing from you,

David de Los Angeles

Dasmas/Cavite, Manila

Contact me at: Skype: angeleswriter


View David de Los Angeles’ website at:

Note the MANILA BOOKPROJECT page on the above site.

Send your photos, one paragraph CV and photo notes to:

Skype David de Los Angeles at: angeleswriter

4/14/ 2013   Update: Distribution of net proceeds from book sales:

All photographers whose work is accepted for publication will receive a percentage of the gross net profits (that received by the author) based on the percentage of their work published in the book.  Ex. 10 photos published out of 100 in the book – you earn 10% of the royalties for as long as the book(s) remains in print. The author will receive the same % for his photos plus 50% of the gross net  for cover design, copywriting, editing, layout and submission to publisher(s), internet marketing of the book, accounting and payables to photographers.  Payment shall be made quarterly to photographers or whenever their individual payment amounts to $100usd whichever comes last.  Collaborators may track sales progress via Amazon’s reports.

Update:   4/16/2013  Collaboration of photographers re subjects and copy- 

 This is a an ongoing collaborative effort so your input in terms of subjects or areas to be represented will be appreciated.
Send photos, your CV, and any details about the photo subjects to me and photos in as large a format as possible  jpeg to:
If you have any interesting quotes, lines, paragraphs about Manila and/or your photos – send with. I want the photos to be dominate on the pages with minimal copy – but copy that can range from poetic to up-beat travel descriptive but not hard-sell. The copy is going to be as difficult as the photos but ultimately – it’s the photos that will sell the book.

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