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ALEXANDRA LOS CABOS CONCIERGE – Offers Cabo Dental Patient Advisers




Find the best certified Cabo San Lucas dentist for your crown, veneers, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants

If you are considering a Cabo cosmetic dental or surgical makeover, Alex Channing at  Alexandra Concierge should be your healthcare adviser. They work with Board Certified Los Cabos dental and medical doctor specialists only – not general dentists or general practitioners who are un-accredited for advanced medical and dental procedures.

Alex Channing Cabo Dental Patient Adviser -

Alex Channing Cabo Dental Patient Adviser


Alexandra Concierge advises that the Cabo dental vacation or healthcare tourist need be aware  that only Board Certification of a medical professional will ensure that your Cabo dentist or  doctor is fully trained for the complicated procedures you need to have done.

For example: Many patients visit a Cabo dentist for expensive dentistry such as a root canal,  crown or dental implant in Mexico.

Unfortunately many end up in a general dentist’s chair who never attended dental specialist  college and is completely uncertified to do the work. Worse, the general dentist charges the  same and sometimes even more than a Board Certified Cabo dentist who is a specialist.

Alexandra Concierge offers Los Cabos dental or surgical patient services:

  • Professional Los Cabos dental and medical patient advisers.
  • Cabo dental vacation, surgical  vacation doctor referrals, costs, appointments
  • Clinic appointment transportation
  • Free loaner cel phone with airtime credit.
  • Discounted Cabo resort accommodations including all inclusives, hotels.
  • Discounts on Cabo activities, dining, golf and fishing charters.
  • Personal Assistants for families, executives, celebrities, dental  and medical patients

Alexandra Concierge advises patients for patients of Alicia Cabo Dental Paradise – Dr. Raphael Ramirez  and Cabo Cosmetic Smile Clnic – Dr. Guillermo Limon

Get free consultations, estimates and appointment setting for Board Certified Cabo dentists:

1.)   Dr. Guillermo Limon – Cabo Cosmetic Smile Clinic

2.)  Dr. Raphael Ramirez – Alicia Cabo Dental Paradise


See you in Cabo!

Alex Channing 

Alex Channing patient adviser will prepare estimates direct you to the right certified Cabo Cosmetic dentist for your crown, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontist, oral surgeon, prosthdontist, maxillofacial dentist for your Cabo dental implants, mini implant, bridge. veneers and more.


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Dallas Dentist, Dallas Dental Implant Patients Find Low Cost Dentistry in Mexico

A Dallas Dentist is Expensive for Cosmetic Dentistry. A Board Certified Mexico Dentist is Affordable and the  Mexican Dental Vacation Part is Priceless.

Cabo Westin Regina – Cabo Dental Vacation                   Board Certified Mexico Dental Association 



You can enjoy a Mexican Dental Vacation and see an affordable Board Certified Mexico Dentist in Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun or San Diego \ Tijuana. You can save enough on a cosmetic dental makeover to buy a small car.

A Dallas dental implant specialist or cosmetic dentist will do good work.  A Dallas dentist specialist is the one to see if you need a dental makeover, crown, veneer, dental implant or mini implant secured denture in the Dallas area.  If you can afford one.

If your Dallas dentist is over the top for your budget, the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association recommends you take a Mexican dental vacation and visit a certified Mexico dentist.  But be sure to see a certified dentist in Mexico for your important treatments – not a less-trained general dentist.

AMD photo lady dentist brazil

A Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association member will have the skills you are looking for to have your complicated dentistry performed for a fraction of the price of your Dallas dentist.  And for the same price as a less-trained general dentist in Mexico.

Like their Dallas specialist dentist counterparts – a certified dentist in Mexico has years of additional formal training and is fully qualified to perform all American Dental Association recognized dental procedures.  You’ll save 1,000’s while you are enjoying a fabulous Mexican dental vacation on a sunny beach. And the Mexican dental vacation part is priceless!

You can obtain a Free Mexico Dental  Cost Estimate and Appointment with a Member of the Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association.

DENTAL TOURISM NEWS CO – Read about the best places for dental tourism, dental tourism prices, find certified dentists in Mexico and Asia and more from major media sources including CNN, Fox News, TIME, NPR, UK Daily News, Los Angeles Times and more at Dental Tourism News Co.

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